Benefits of Member of ASEAN Gems and Jewellery Trade Association (AGJA)

Member recruitment regulations

The membership category is classified into three distinct categories:

  • Ordinary members encompasses both natural persons and juristic persons who engage in enterprises pertaining to the jewelry industry and the trade of jewelry and precious metals, provided that they have completed the process of legal registration.

  • Extraordinary members encompasses both natural persons and legal entities who engage in the operation of enterprises within the realms of trade, industry, or finance with regards to the registered enterprise engaged in the trade of gemstones, jewelry, and precious metals,

    • The aforementioned individuals shall be entitled to enjoy equivalent privileges and obligations as ordinary members, with the sole exception that they shall be precluded from assuming any official capacity or role. The user possesses the legal right and entitlement to engage in the act of voting

  •  Honorary members encompasses individuals, legal entities, and a diverse of organizations and agencies, or the committee perceived an individual of expertise or one who bestows benefits upon the association, which the committee resolved to extend an invitation for membership. Furthermore, said individual, in response, expressed their willingness to accept said invitation without the imposition of any membership fee.

In the matter of a juristic person, or multiple governmental agencies may be involved.  Please provide explicit details regarding the individual who possesses the requisite authorization to act on behalf of the answer sheet. The aforementioned communication and hereby undertake to notify any changes may arise in accordance with the relevant circumstances.

  • The association shall provide aid and counsel in matters pertaining to activities falling within the purview of its objectives to the fullest extent that can be reasonably accommodated.

  • Provide insights or suggestions to the association or the committee regarding any subject that falls within the association’s mission to advance the organization’s prosperity.

  • Their right to formally request an inspection of the business operations and assets belonging to the aforementioned association, by virtue of submitting a formal correspondence to the esteemed office of the Secretary-General or the distinguished members of the committee.

  • Participate in scheduled gatherings, engage in deliberations, articulate viewpoints, and seek clarifications from fellow committee constituents, proffer resolutions during assemblies involving all members.

  • Their entitlement to engage in the act of adorning the emblem of the association.

  •  The exclusive entitlement to exercise voting privileges during general meetings and the eligibility for directorship are reserved solely for ordinary members.

  • The user is required to adhere to the regulations set forth by the association, the following resolutions have been duly adopted by the committee, along with the corresponding duties assigned to each member, with an unwavering commitment to upholding the highest standards of honesty and integrity.

  • The user is advised to diligently uphold the dignity and welfare of the association, while also ensuring the utmost confidentiality of any discussions or proceedings.

  • The user is required to effectively advance and bolster the association’s business endeavors in order to achieve prosperity and success. The presence of progress is a constant and enduring reality.

  • The user is advised to uphold a state of concordance amongst the constituents and engage in commercial activities in a manner that fosters mutual assistance with utmost integrity.

  • The user is required to fulfill your obligation to remit maintenance fees to the association in accordance with the predetermined schedule.

  • Any member who elects to alter their name, surname, nationality, modify their residential address, or relocate their office premises. It is imperative to apprise the Secretary-General, in written form, within a prescribed timeframe of seven days. In light of the aforementioned alteration.

In the matter of a natural person

  • Attain of majority
  • Neither a bankrupt incapacitated person nor a quasi-incompetent person.
  • Never been incarcerated by a court’s definitive judgment, with the exception of minor offenses, those for which the penalty is not greater than a minor offense, or offenses committed negligently.
  • Does not possess the characteristics that would render it repugnant to the collective conscience of society.
  • Be the person who possessing a reasonably secure and unwavering occupational status
  • Be socially acceptable and in accordance with the established norms and regulations.


In the matter of a juristic person

  • Not being currently facing bankruptcy.
  • Maintains a position that can be described as reasonably stable.
  • Individuals desiring to seek ordinary membership or extraordinary membership within the association are required to present an official declaration of intent to the esteemed secretary-general, or an authorized committee member acting on behalf of the secretary-general, in strict accordance with the prescribed guidelines and framework established by the association.


  • The secretary-general or an appointed committee member acting in representation of the secretary-general, at the aforementioned board meeting, the following presentation was made. Either grant or deny membership to an individual, it is incumbent upon the secretary-general to provide written notification within a period of seven days subsequent to the voting date.


  • The individuals who have successfully obtained approval for membership and have received correspondence from the association. The user is required to remit the initial registration fee and annual association dues either directly to the association officials or by means of a savings account held under the name “Gem Trade Association and ASEAN jewelry” at Kasikorn Bank, Yannawa Branch, account number 063-3-21544-8


Furthermore, it is requested that the user kindly forward the transfer form as proof of payment to the designated electronic mail address, specifically A receipt shall be issued forthwith.

Application documents

  • A 1-inch photograph of the applicant or appointed representative of the juristic person, as designated by the juristic person, shall be provided. Furthermore, in the case that two representatives from the juristic person are appointed, it is imperative that photographs of both said representatives be submitted accordingly.

  • A copy of Thai National ID Card of the applicant

  • A copy of house registration of the applicant.

  • A copy of applicant’s passport and work permit is required, unless the legal representative of the applicant is an alien.

  •  A copy of legal entity registration certificate issued by the Ministry of Commerce, Department of Business Development not exceeding six months of age (for the intent of the legal person).

  •  Photographs of the establishment

Join to Member

Ordinary member

10,000 THB

Remark: Please be advised that there is a maintenance fee due for the latter half of the year, specifically from July 1st to December 31st, in the total sum of 3,000 baht.

Extraordinary member

5,000 THB

Remarks: Please be advised that the maintenance fee for the latter half of the year, specifically from July 1st to December 31st, totals 1,500 baht.