Executive perspective on the gem and jewelry industry

Welcom to the exciting year of AGJA.

AGJA offers great opportunities for your business within the global gem and jewelry industry.

Situation and currency fluctuations, gold prices hit a new high

AGJA acts as an intermediary connecting and bringing together the strengths of Asia and UAE.

HongKong, as a free trade hub within the Asian market,and excellent access to the Chinese market.

"AGJA's Platform helps elevate the gem and jewelry industry

AGJA possesses extensive expertise in the gem industry, to support regional traders.

MGJEA aims to elevate the gem and jewelry industry in Myanmar through the National Expo Strategy

Confidence and trust are keys to decision making of consumers.

Don't miss out of opportunities by participating in CIIE, the largest exhibition in China

AGJA in establishing new collaborations expanding its network and strengthening in the global market