The ASEAN Gems and Jewellery Trade Association (AGJA)


The ASEAN Gems and Jewellery Trade Association (AGJA) was established in cooperation between Gem and Jewelry Trade Association in the ASEAN region—Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Malaysia, the Philippines, Myanmar, Singapore, Indonesia, Burnei, and Thailand. It is enrolled with the Department of Business Development, the Ministry of Commerce as a legal entity in the capacity of a trade association as of September 11, 2019. The primary aim is to advance, cultivate, and aid enterprises operating within the gem and jewelry sector in order to maximize benefits for members, and the gem and jewelry industry as a whole. It is also included gem trade associations in ASEAN countries, as well as more than ten countries outside of ASEAN. This is to foster collaboration among member organizations that share common operational principles through the joint organization of diverse activities.

As a result, the association is regarded as a central organization facilitating the exchange of trade information, and serving as an international linkage center within the ASEAN region, as well as facilitate collaboration within the jewel and accessory sectors to foster and uphold mutual comprehension. Besides, the association is serving as a hub for the exchange of business intelligence for the entirety of the gem and jewelry sector, and being prepared to forge robust alliances to ensure the industry’s long-term viability.

Vison & Mission :

Focusing on strengthened unity and growth

  • Regarded as a central organization in facilitating & serving as an international. Linkage center within the ASEAN region and member countries outside ASEAN.
  • Symbolizes a newfound strength and unity among ASEAN countries in the jewelry sectors.
  • The collective approach not only enhances understanding & cooperations in the field but also position the member countries strongly in global platforms.
  • Dedicated to elevating the regional industry through share knowledge experiences in various aspects of jewelry business.
  • Commitment to alignment market demand; encouraging co-production of uniquely ASEAN design, advocating for free trade in the jewelry sector defects a robust and united front.
  • Focus on good governance, best business practices, legal infrastructure and tax strategies.
  • Solidifies its role in shaping a more powerful and distinctive ASEAN gems and jewelry market.

Significant objective

  • Establish rapport with gem and jewelry companies between members to develop strength and effectiveness.
  • Encourage and assist members in each nation to organize international conferences as representatives. This is to convene and discuss market trends and perspectives pertaining to the gem and jewelry sector, with respect to scholarly knowledge granting support to the gem and jewelry exhibitions of every nation.
  • Provides information regarding tax law among its member states. Excise tax, customs tax, and value-added tax on jewels and jewelry are all taxation-related concerns.
  • Establish a network of commerce for the gem and jewelry industry.
  • Establish a communal space for members from outside ASEAN as well as within the ASEAN region, to demonstrate your company’s potential.


Currently, the association’s office is located at GEMOPOLIS INDUSTRIAL ESTATE, No. 38, 5th Floor, I.G.S. Building, Soi Sukapiban 2, Soi 31, Sukapiban 2 Road, Dokmai Subdistrict, Prawet District, Bangkok.